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The explosion of the web market has created a variety of firms promising to be the answer to every organization's web issues. However, a creative web page is only a small piece of the overall puzzle. Simple mastery of web-based technologies is not enough in today's highly competitive marketplace. Organizations must also resolve issues like security, firewalls and back-end integration, in addition to browser support, graphic design, user interface and branding.

Integrated web applications can greatly increase an organization's efficiency and operational capability, while improving the bottom line. WEB Applications provide a platform
that better serves both employees and customers. Additionally, web Applications are capable of opening existing systems to corporate partners that can simplify and improve business transactions.

BIZDATAUSA has the resources and technology to provide the expertise necessary to architect, design and implement industrial strength web-based technical solutions. We use a comprehensive set of skills to build an organization's web solution, and intimately understand a wide variety of browser-based technologies, application servers and integration methods. With this knowledge, we can select the best tools to implement e-Business solutions. We've built a set of diverse partnerships that allow us to develop the appropriate solution for each of our individual customers, while retaining a non-technical bias.

In addition, BIZDATAUSA has a wide depth and breadth of knowledge and experience, and is well qualified to handle the strategic planning and tremendous security demands of a full-scale web application. Our staff of senior developers, architects and consultants use a formal project management methodology to develop and implement a total technological and creative solution. In addition, we have established relationships with skilled creative partners that can brand, design and craft a unique web presence. BIZDATAUSA delivers fully integrated, well-planned web-based technology solutions that add value while increasing an organization's capacity and potential.

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