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Is your E-Commerce initiative yielding the results you expected? Is your e-Commerce strategy integrated with your enterprise or is it simply a superficial, disconnected enhancement? Are you using e-Commerce technology to gain a competitive advantage and improve your bottom line?

Moving into the e-Commerce arena can bring significant challenges to an organization. They must learn how to manage on-line branding issues and maintain their changing customer relationships. Systems must be robust, integrated and scalable. A wide array of business decisions, from import/export issues to product distribution systems must be determined. Finally, companies will need to deal with the massive business transformation issues that arise when moving beyond traditional brick and mortar operations. Getting there is anything but easy.

BIZDATAUSA has extensive experience helping organizations deal with the challenges and changes an e-Commerce effort brings. We offer a full range of services that can aid in the process of "going live," including Strategic Consulting, Internet Marketing, Database Management, Customer Relationship Management, Software Development, Application Hosting, Order Fulfillment, Infrastructure Planning and Implementation. In addition, we have extensive experience integrating front-end solutions with integral back-end systems, thereby maximizing the value of e-Commerce systems and helping to deliver optimal results.

Robust Database Management System
Advanced Search Engine Capabilities
Secure User Login & Login History Management
Credit/Debit Card Transaction Capability
On-Demand Activity Reports (WEB-Based)
Customer Control Panel
Toll-Free Support
24/7 Proactive Monitoring
Online Website Statistics

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