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Virtually all successful software applications, from a corporate ERP package to the latest Internet application, have a data component. Data provides the information required for an organization's mission-critical business applications, and is the basis on which both tactical and strategic business decisions are made. Therefore, it is imperative that an organization's data be clean, reliable and available. A successful data technology strategy can help achieve these goals.

Data technologies represents the technologies that enable data storage and manipulation. These data come from both structured and unstructured sources, and can include scanned documents; business-to-business data interchange; operational transaction systems; and data stores, data warehouses and associated data marts. Data technologies is an essential component of rapid enterprise reporting solutions, e-Business applications, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning.

Data technologies can also help organizations achieve significant ROI from improvements in productivity, information flow and new modes of discovery. A sound strategy ensures consistent data definition and quality, and increased access to information. It also presents new opportunities to analyze market performance, investments, process improvements, operations, competition and global demographics.

BIZDATAUSA designs and implements high-performance databases that support large-scale application development efforts. BIZDATAUSA has extensive experience in successfully designing, developing and implementing such solutions. Components of these solutions include operational data stores, production data stores, data warehouses and data marts.


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